The Workroom Homeschool program  is
designed for students between the  Ages
7-17 who have a desire to become a fashion
designer or those that would like to learn
more about the subject of design. Classes
are offered during After School hours. You
may also register for early morning or
afternoon classes between 9am- 3pm as
private lessons or group lessons at your
home .All group classes held at the
Workroom are held at the time listed below.


Students can study one subject for the entire
school year or can choose up to 5 subjects to
2017 Summer School Overview

No summer school offered at this time.
Please refer to the Camp  registration  
page for summer classes.
Beginner Sewing Level 1 year  1
Intermediate Sewing Technique Level 2
Advanced Sewing Technique Level 3

1st Level Draping
2nd Level Draping
3rd Level Draping

1st Level Drawing and Sketching
2nd Level Drawing and Sketching

Computer Aided Design
1ST Level CAD
2nd Level CAD
3rd Level CAD
$360 per Trimester

1st Trimester (14 weeks)
2nd Trimester (13 weeks)
3rd Trimester (12 weeks)

The program  is a total of 39 weeks.
The Workroom
409 Mead Rd #4
Decatur GA 30030

Intermediate Sewing Technique

Builds upon skills that students have learned
during Basic Sewing and Sewing 1.
Intermediate Sewing focuses on design
technique and application. This class covers
pressing,finishing, overall cleanliness and
appearance of the garment.

Advanced Sewing Technique

Is designed for students who have  
successfully completed Basic Sewing,Sewing
1 and Intermediate Sewing. Advanced sewing
students will work on completing original
designs using sewing techniques learned in
all levels of sewing.
2nd Level Draping

Students learn how to drape the bodice,
introduced and applying dart to the bodice.

1st Level Draping

This class discusses basic draping practices.
It helps students to understand the
importance of grain,balance and  the
structure of the garment. Students learn how
to drape the basic skirt along with various
styles of skirts. Learning  how to apply darts
will be introduced.

3rd Level Draping

Students drape original design ideas and
learn how to transfer those designs to
patterns. Students will sew their design in the
advanced sewing technique class.

1st Level Drawing

Students learn to draw the fashion figure and
learn proportion.Students also learn how to
draw fashion flats. Additional details such as
the face,hair and feet and the use of color
pencil as a medium are discussed.

2nd Level Drawing

Students learn how to create movement with
the fashion figures. They also learn how to
apply clothing correctly to the figures. Design
Layout and presentation is covered in this

1st Level Sketching

Students learn how to draw with fluidity to
create graceful illustrations. Students will
focus on free hand drawing following the
proportion technique learned in 1st and 2nd
level drawing. Students focus on developing
the classic fashion pose.

2nd Level Sketching
Students focus on understanding pose
versatility and creating the side view, back
view, 3/4.Students will also learn quick sketch
techniques to help understand movement.

3rd Level Sketching
Students learn grouping and presentation
adding accessories such as purses,earring
and shoes.
1st Level CAD
Students learn how to use Adobe Illustrator to
create  flats. All students learn how to create
the basic shirt,skirt,and pant.

2nd Level CAD
Students learn how to import fabric and
various silhouettes by manipulating the basic
flats learned during level 1.

3rd Level CAD
Students learn how to create graphics and
line sheets. Grouping and merchandising is
discussed in this class.
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Beginner Sewing Technique

In beginner sewing students learn how to
operate and thread a sewing machine.
Students spend their time working on various
sewing projects that help them gain a basic
understanding of sewing.
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